Product Suite

Streamline your application process. Painlessly.

Collect, manage, review applications, and select candidates for scholarships, grants, fellowships, competitions, with instant visibility into activity and results.

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Proactively match talent with open positions. Automatically.

Collect, manage, & match candidates with job orders using advanced matchmaking technologies. Effortlessly. Our suite of products for the talent acquisition professional is powerful and configurable. Use it alone or with your current ATS.

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Find your information. Act on it instantly. Track with ease.

InfoReady’s powerful and fully configurable platform collects your data and assembles it in way that make sense for YOU in one workspace. Stop looking for your information and start acting on it!

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  • “InfoReady listens.  The products they choose to develop, the way the develop them, the ways those products work, the way they look and feel to users… all of this results from the fact that their teams take the time and make the effort to listen.  Whether your job is to run the division of research or to find funding for faculty, by listening, InfoReady has designed products that allow you to work smarter.”

    David Stone, PH.D.
    Associate Vice President of Research
    Northern Illinois University


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Problems We Solve

  • Inefficiency due to multiple data sources
  • Low user adoption due to complex systems
  • Delayed progress due to report building

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