The smart way to streamline internal review and routing processes

At InfoReady, our mission is to make people’s work easier. Our convenient cloud-based software provides a self-service platform for collecting, routing, and reviewing the information you need to get your job done – faster, smarter, and better than ever before. No more paper trails. No more email threads. No more missing data.

“InfoReady Review has been instrumental in the management of MiQuest’s business competitions and recognition awards. As an added bonus, it has also provided a platform for us to assess many other business choices we have to make: critical vendors, videographers, entertainment, and even investment pitches. InfoReady’s support team is always on hand to help me to make the best use of Review’s tools. So glad we found Review.”

Miche Rayment
Managing Director

Unprecedented efficiency

We all have processes that take more time and resources than we would like. From Universities to Research Institutions to Nonprofits and more, InfoReady helps clients efficiently streamline time-consuming tasks. Originally designed to manage the intricacies of Research Institution funding competitions, InfoReady Review has built-in flexibility to create efficiency for any type of review process (the possibilities are limitless).

  • Internal Funding Requests
  • Candidate Selection
  • Scholarships
  • Tenure and Promotion Applications
  • Awards
  • Surveys
  • Limited Submission Competitions
  • Requests for Proposals
  • Purchase Requests
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Customer Service
  • Registration
  • Job Applications

and the list goes on…

“InfoReady has been a great development partner with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation’s Pure Michigan Business Connect Program.  Their approach to software development has helped us accelerate the effectiveness of the PMBC initiative, as well as provide a B2B infrastructure that empowers Michigan businesses to connect with the right opportunities, services and resources.”

Vince Nystrom
Vice President, Strategic Accounts
Michigan Economic Development Corporation

“InfoReady listens.  The products they choose to develop, the way the develop them, the ways those products work, the way they look and feel to users… all of this results from the fact that their teams take the time and make the effort to listen.  Whether your job is to run the division of research or to find funding for faculty, by listening, InfoReady has designed products that allow you to work smarter.”

David Stone, PH.D.
Associate Vice President of Research
Northern Illinois University

High user adoption & participation

With no need for training or IT support, InfoReady Review is easy to use and easy to love. Our convenient online workspace offers customizable templates and click-through steps, so administrators can quickly build efficient workflow plans, and applicants and reviewers can send and receive information with ease. InfoReady clients have reported it taking less than 30 minutes to create and launch a new process within the system. InfoReady Review is a favorite tool for administrators, applicants, and reviewers across the nation who are continuously using it for more and more processes throughout more departments!

Easy for Administrator

  • Create custom forms
  • Send and receive notifications
  • Collect and route data
  • Field business requests
  • Review documents
  • Track activity and progress

Easy for Applicants

  • Search for relevant topics
  • Submit ideas and requests
  • Complete required forms
  • Apply for opportunities
  • Get timely notifications

Easy for Reviewers

  • Receive timely email notifications about reviews
  • Complete all reviews within a single online workspace
  • Review with confidence, knowing forms and applications are complete and correct

“Before InfoReady Review, our annual poster competition was a logistical nightmare, requiring time and resources of five staff members. Now we are able to collect entries through a standardized submission process; we can offer online judging; and we can automatically report on participation details. Judges love it, submissions are of a higher quality, and we are saving significant resources – with InfoReady Review I am able to manage the poster competition entirely on my own.”

Leslie Paige
Coordinator of Scholarship and Sponsored Projects
Fort Hayes University

Enhance oversight of activity and outcomes

InfoReady Review offers organizations a holistic, detailed view of activity and results. With instant access to real-time data, you can easily gauge organization-wide trends and view status reports, budgets, and robust applicant profiles. Plus, each project is archived, so your institution’s knowledge bank stays intact through staff changes.

“With InfoReady Review, I can enable individual schools and departments to disseminate, set up, and manage their own opportunities – and still have total visibility into those efforts. Faculty co-chairs feel fully supported in their efforts, rather than micro-managed. I love that I’m able to pull meaningful, aggregated reports for anyone who needs my information.”

Chris Wonders
Director of the Institute for Public Service and Sponsored Programs
Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania

Instant savings

InfoReady Review customers report an average savings of 40 hours for each process they run through our system. Now you can get your work done with less effort and more cost savings than ever before.

“InfoReady Review allows our teams to review Faculty Research Program applications with unprecedented efficiency and fairness. Between my office, the deans, and the committees, we’ve saved 160 hours this year – and that’s just for one of our programs.”

Janet Rentsch
Director Sponsored Programs and IRB Research Compliance
Saginaw Valley State University

InfoReady Review subscription plans start as low as $399/month and provide access to automate an unlimited number of projects. We’ll have you up and running in days, not weeks.

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