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InfoReady KnowSpace Research

Reimagined cloud-based research gateway designed to reinvigorate your research ecosystem through integrated applications that provide instant knowledge on research activity and results

The Challenge

There is a growing pressure within colleges and universities to increase research activity to secure more external funding. To achieve this outcome, a unified research network with high user engagement needs to be in place that supports research across the institution and beyond. Sadly, most universities lack this infrastructure. Research collaboration is fragmented with ad-hoc technology purchases where systems don’t talk with each other and users struggle with complex user experiences. The unfortunate result is administrators lack visibility into how research is being done today and where improvement is needed to achieve desired results. InfoReady can help.


Centralized Collaboration Network with Simplified Workflows 

InfoReady will soon introduce KnowSpace Research, a suite of interconnected applications that simplify a variety of research workflows with unprecedented visibility into research activity and results. At launch, applications will be in place that support grant funding workflows such as easily identifying funding opportunities, supporting pre- and post-award collaboration and simplifying funding competition management such as limited submissions and internal funding distribution. New integrated applications will be developed that simplify research collaboration and compliance.

All KnowSpace Research applications are designed not only to integrate with each other but also with other valuable resources that are internal and external to your institution for a unified, contextual user experience.

Instant Knowledge on Research Activity and Results 

Administrators want an automated way to have a holistic view of research activity and results that demonstrates the ROI of research programs. Tracking basic information and results in an Excel spreadsheet is often the extent of what institutions do today but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. There is a wealth of data about how your teams work together that was previously undiscoverable. KnowSpace Research applications track detailed activity within the workflow. It will surface valuable data that can be instantly translated into knowledge to quickly assess how teams work together. The result is a holistic view of these results to understand trends and inspire accountability across your research community.


Engaging User Experience with No Training Required 

Administrators share stories where they have regrettably invested millions of dollars into software that requires endless training and how users have abandoned it because it makes their job harder, not easier. KnowSpace Research offers powerful workflow functionality with the ease of social media tools. In one familiar, integrated solution, team members can:

    • Instantly create workspaces and invite team members within and outside your institution.
    • Easily share documents with each other while maintain security and control.
    • Assign tasks, manage approval of documents, and easily engage in personal and group conversations.
    • Benefit from APIs that will provide direct access to other web tools that users want to include in their workspace.

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InfoReady CompetitionSpace

Funding Competitions


Tags: Higher Education; Limited Submission; Competition Management; Grants; Funding Opportunities; Economic Development; Not-for-Profit;

The Challenge

Managing competitions is a major headache for academic institutions. Many moving parts. Lengthy email threads. Non-stop tracking throughout the review process. The variations are endless, not only with each competition, but requirements differ at each institution. Off-the-shelf systems are like a square peg in a round hole and do not provide a solution. Look no further.

InfoReady CompetitionSpace™

InfoReady CompetitionSpace, built on the Knowspace platform, is both scalable and configurable to meet the needs of institutions of all sizes. From a simple, one-step competition to complex external funding competitions that need to connect with various internal resources, InfoReady can configure CompetitionSpace to meet an institution’s needs.

Highlights of CompetitionSpace:

  • Setting up competitions is a breeze! Use our template – shaped by customer feedback – or create your own
  • Hit the ground running! InfoReady will upload and configure your database of archived competitions so you can begin managing your competitions immediately
  • Intramural and extramural competitions can be run simultaneously
  • Multiple administrators can create and run their own competitions across the university
  • Hosting, upgrades, security and disaster recovery are included in subscription

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InfoReady In4Grants

Research Collaboration


Tags: Higher Education; Research Collaboration; Funding Opportunities; Grants;

The Challenge

Higher education institutions and research organizations rely on research and program grant funding opportunities as an integral part of their revenue. Funding is available in myriad locations including government and foundation sites. Grant proposals are currently prepared haphazardly using email, internet tools and disparate products resulting in inefficient proposal development and loss of time.

InfoReady In4Grants™

In4Grants™, built upon the InfoReady KnowSpace, gives fund-seeking organizations and researchers a highly productive solution for finding funding opportunities in less than half the normal time and free up valuable time for collaborative research and proposal development in a secure workspace.

  • Search time for funding opportunities reduced by 50% to 75%
  • Researchers use familiar social networking tools to invite peers and collaborators within or outside their university to participate and develop funded research proposals in a secure workspace
  • Automated tracking produces accurate, complete reporting on-demand. Report generation time has disappeared

The Results

Pre-award research collaboration and proposal development is more efficient.  Proposal developers have more time for developing high quality proposals with rich content.

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